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The next era of trading is

Secure. Faster. Better. Limitless.

An experience built for retail investors

From wireframing through to development, TradeStrike makes every decision count to enhance your investing experience.

The gateway to any digitised asset

We’re here to become the hub of any digital asset, be it Stocks, Crypto, NFTs, Real-estate, Commodities, and more.

Protecting people and their assets

We believe in the greater good through regulation, so we’re dedicated to working hard to ensure that we position ourselves as a compliant business.

Transparent and trustworthy

Nothing good is ever free, and yes, investing can be risky. We want you to have the best tools possible in order to make the best decisions possible.

TradeStrike, a 24/7 digital marketplace for any asset.

TradeStrike is our flagship product, destined to redefine trading as you know it. Pairing the blockchain technology of a cryptocurrency exchange with the intuitive design of a traditional stock trading platform, TradeStrike can offer a trading experience like no other.

Utilising tokenization, Tradestrike will offer a diverse and accessible asset range. Initially focusing on cryptocurrencies and public stocks, expanding to a myriad of other real-world & digital assets. This removes the need for multiple accounts on various platforms and allows for more diverse portfolios without added effort or costs.

Join our CCO Kishan as he takes you through the TradeStrike Alpha build, highlighting just what makes TradeStrike a cut above the rest.

Building on blockchain

Blockchain offers immutable, traceable & transparent data, driving the creation of Web3.

Building TradeStrike upon this new infrastructure enables us to offer innovative, unique benefits that are out of reach to traditional trading platforms. We believe trading platforms utilising outdated, expensive & often manual processes will be outpaced by competitors embracing blockchain technology.

Secure and lightning-fast

Rapid and secure transactions — 24 hours a day, seven days a week, with no downtime

Cheaper transactions

The automation of blockchain technology ensures cheaper transactions by lowering the admin burden & using fewer intermediaries.

Access to full trading hours

Blockchain allows 24/7 market access, even if the underlying stock exchange is closed.

Accessible ownership

Digitising real-world assets allows for fractional ownership, enabling more people access to investments that would otherwise be out of their reach.

No geographical boundaries

Cross-border trading allows for a global userbase to access assets that were previously restricted to them due to their geographical location.

Transparent & Trusted

Blockchain is immutable by its very nature, meaning access to transparent, unchanging, 100% reliable data.

Liquid assets

Using an AMM or Liquidity pool, previously illiquid assets are injected with the liquidity required to make them readily tradable.

Less 3rd party restrictions

Utilising liquidity pools and peer-to-peer trading allows continued trading regardless of intermediary restrictions.

Building on blockchain

24/7 stock trading

One ground-breaking feature within the TradeStrike platform is the inclusion of fully compliant, fully collateralised stock tokens, available to trade 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Through tokenization, it is possible to mint digital replicas of any publicly traded asset and issue them on-chain. TradeStrike will only ever list stock tokens which are regulatory compliant & fully backed by the real-world stock they represent.

Please note that each step of this process (excluding ‘User’ & ‘Stock Exchange’) can be one or the same, depending on the business structure.
Due to its sensitive nature, further details regarding this offering will be published before launching the TradeStrike platform.

We believe that digitised assets will pave the way for the future of investing.

Tokenization can change much more than just how we trade cryptocurrencies & public stocks. Tokenization can bring fractional ownership, liquidity and provenance to a whole host of asset classes such as Commodities, Real Estate and even works of Art. TradeStrike endeavours to explore the economic viability of offering any & all of such tokenized assets for 24/7 trading on our platform.

As an example, a house worth £100,000 could be split up into 100 digital pieces worth £1,000 each; an individual investor would be able to purchase a 1/100th part of this building, allowing them access to partake in real estate investing at a lower barrier of entry.

Building for us

A retail-focused experience

TradeStrike is truly the people’s platform. Every page and panel is carefully considered based on feedback received by experienced retail investors and a large, like-minded online community.

Creating with a real purpose — from design to development

To date, not a single platform has managed to address the real needs of retail investors. We don’t want squiggly charts, cluttered numbers, or blinking lights — we want substance, clarity, and a product that helps us to strive. TradeStrike makes every decision count to ensure users have the tools they need in order to make informed decisions.

Expect the unexpected

Unlike the exchanges provided by our rivals, TradeStrike is not just another generic and off-the-shelf exchange. It has been built from the ground up using cutting-edge technology that futureproofs the platform from the get-go. Trade efficiently with unique and comprehensive suite of tools & data, giving you everything needed to succeed in the markets.

Trust & transparency

Knowing you are getting value for money should not be a chore. With TradeStrike, we ensure pricing & fees are transparent & explained, allowing users to make informed decisions.

‘Free’ is never actually... free.

Platforms that offer ‘0% commission trading are often marketed to imply they’re free-to-use and trade, but in truth, the fine print hides fees and wide spreads that, in reality, dwarf the savings you would make with a monthly subscription service.

Trade your way, save money.

We understand that no two investors are the same; whether you make multiple trades per day or one a year, TradeStrike offers a tiered pricing structure to ensure you only pay for what you need. If you choose one pricing tier but could save money on another… we’ll tell you!

No Limits

No Distrust

No Complacency

Unlimited Access

Trader’s market access will no longer be limited to the operating hours of the underlying exchange. 24/7 access 365 days a year to ANY asset type.

Ethical & honest

TradeStrike strives to operate in an ethical & honest manner, ensuring to put our users first in every decision we make – restoring trust between retail investors & their trading platform.

Continuing to innovate

We endeavour to continue to update & evolve TradeStrike alongside the blockchain technology at its core. Complacency is NOT in our DNA.

The next-gen of trading is 24/7

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Frequently asked questions

How is the STRX currency used on the TradeStrike platform?

Initially STRX will be utilised as a base currency for pairs on the TradeStrike platform. E.g., AAPL/STRX 

Yes, providing the appropriate licences are held.

Will you need regulatory approval to offer stock tokens?

Yes, in order to offer compliant & collateralised stock tokens, appropriate licences are required.

Why aren’t more prominent companies already doing this?

Other companies are exploring stock tokens as a means of delivering improved trading conditions; however, being a market in its infancy, TradeStrike is amongst the very first to trailblaze this new technology.