The StrikeX Wallet is Live –

TradeX decentralised exchange

Swap, track & stake assets on our new intuitive breed of DeFi Exchange.

What is lite?

Evolve the way you trade DeFi.

Tired of all DeFi exchanges looking the same? Tired that they never offer what you want? TradeX changes that. Following our ethos of intuitive designs balanced with simple yet robust features, TradeX provides the ideal solution for making the most of what DeFi has to offer. Our browser-based DEX works perfectly as a stand-alone DeFi trading station on your desktop whilst offering seamless integration with DeFI mobile applications, such as our very own StrikeX Wallet.


Total StrikeX Value Staked

Build your DeFi crypto portfolio.

Start your DeFi journey in three simple steps.

Choose your wallet

First, you’ll need to get yourself a DeFi cryptocurrency wallet. We recommend downloading our DeFi StrikeX Wallet.

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Connect to TradeX

Using the ‘WalletConnect’ feature, initiate the connection to your wallet, and accept the pop-up requesting permission to connect with the TradeX exchange.

Buy, Sell and Earn.

That’s it, you are now connected & ready to explore everything that TradeX offers. 

The familiarity of a trading platform

Advanced charting, Order Book with transparent transactions, historical transactions and detailed data.

Keep a close eye on the market

Track market performance and watch your favourite projects closely with our market overview and watchlist.

Market & Limit orders

Utilise our simple yet stylish integrated exchange feature to place both market & limit orders.

Stake to earn passive income

Grow your StrikeX bags for simply holding your tokens in our user-friendly staking feature.

Track your portfolio performance.

Link your DeFi wallet to TradeX and get a comprehensive view of the contents of your wallet & how your overall portfolio is performing.

Market performance

Keep your eye on the cryptocurrency markets with our market overview. See which coins are trending as well as top gainers & losers to help you make informed decisions when making your trades.

Next-gen DeFi trading

Track and trade your investments on our comprehensive and easy-to-use DeFi Exchange.

What is lite?

Frequently asked questions

Yes, TradeX will supersede our current staking platform & offer greater functionality & improved customer experience.

No, TradeX will be a browser-based application.

Yes. Users will be able to connect their StrikeX Wallet to the TradeX exchange via WalletConnect.