The StrikeX Wallet is Live –

After 1 year and over $2,000,000 STRX rewards distributed, the staking pool is now closed!

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Note to Stakers - Staking is winding down, and you are required to harvest your rewards.

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Evolve the way you trade DeFi.

Self-Custody DeFi Wallet

StrikeX Wallet. Crypto but simple.

Centralised Exchange for Retail Investors

TradeStrike. For the people.

StrikeX Wallet. Crypto investing, made simple.

The StrikeX Wallet makes buying, selling, swapping, transferring, and tracking your favourite crypto projects — slick, secure and simple. As it should be.

Swap, track & stake assets on our new intuitive breed of DeFI Exchange.

Available on iOS & Android

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Crypto is easy, don’t make it complicated.

We’re on a mission to evolve how people interact with cryptocurrency: no more boring designs, complicated procedures, or exorbitant hidden costs. Manage your portfolio with a simple and secure app that does what you need it to. Most importantly, unlike our competitors — we are committed to utilising revenue from our competitive transaction fees to update & improve our App periodically.

Buy & Sell directly using a card

Fiat-to-Crypto deposits & Crypto-to-Fiat withdrawals directly to your bank account.

Send & Receive assets easily

Transfer assets to-and-from other wallets with a convenient address book.

Hassle-free Cross-Chain swaps

Convert your assets with our inbuilt Crypto-to-Crypto swaps — even across chains.

Follow the market ups & downs

Track market performance, and watch your favourite projects closely with our market overview and watchlist.

Track portfolio performance across multiple wallets

Crypto doesn’t have to be confusing. We understand how convoluted this space can be; therefore, the StrikeX Wallet offers easy-to-use features such as crypto-tracking, an overview balance across multiple wallets, visual charting, a general market overview, and detailed transaction history; allowing you to take control of your investments.

Easily go from Card to Crypto with our integrated on & off-ramp payments.

Buy & Sell an array of cryptocurrencies directly to your bank account by utilising our growing list of fiat gateway providers.

StrikeX charges an additional 1% Fiat on-ramp & a 2% Fiat off-ramp fee in addition to our partner's fees. Unlike our competitors, we are committed to utilising revenue from our competitive transaction fees to update & improve our App periodically.

One Wallet, multiple blockchains.

The StrikeX Wallet is Multichain, meaning that you don’t need multiple wallets for different chains. Send, receive & hold cryptocurrencies on the Bitcoin, Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain & Solana blockchains in ONE StrikeX Wallet. Stay tuned as we integrate more blockchains periodically, making the StrikeX Wallet the most versatile on the market.

Cross-Chain swaps

We have integrated’s robust multi-chain protocol with the StrikeX Wallet swap feature. This allows users to swap between 15,000+ cryptocurrencies across 12 blockchains seamlessly.

Fees for swaps include network gas fees & an additional 0.3% split between TradeStrike BVI and Rubic.


Connect to any Web3-injected website using our integration with WalletConnect. From DeFi exchanges to NFT marketplaces, connect your StrikeX Wallet easily through the WalletConnect portal.

Send assets with confidence

The days of copying and pasting long addresses are over. Save contacts to your address book and make transferring Crypto to people you know and trust — easier and safer.

Keeping your StrikeX Wallet safe

Your Wallet, your keys — your crypto.

Unlike exchanges, the StrikeX Wallet is non-custodial — meaning that we never have access to your funds or personal information. You maintain complete control over your assets with your unique private key recovery phrase.

Stay safe and secured from prying eyes (and hands)

Your assets are protected by private facial biometric authentication technology and a secure 4-digit PIN that not only protects you from theft, but gives you hassle-free account access — instantly.

Crypto Security – How to stay safe in Crypto We want to make sure you and your crypto assets stay safe. In this video we take a look at the top 10 tips on how to keep yourself from losing your assets or getting scammed.

Future updates

Staying ahead of the curve

We understand that to stay relevant in this fast-moving market; our products must remain ahead of the competition. Not content to rest on our laurels, we are committed to adding additional features and integrations.

Additional blockchain integrations

We will be supporting a growing list of blockchains. Drop us a tweet & tell us why we should support your favourite network!

More choice of payment gateway providers

Choose from a wider variety of on-ramp & off-ramp options as we increase our list of payment gateway providers.

Upgraded data source

We’re working on interesting and varied token and wallet datasets, as well as improved historical transactional data — so you can make more informed investment decisions.

Further token listings

We’re continuously adding support for new cryptocurrencies, so keep an eye out for updates, or drop us a tweet to list your favourite projects!

Enhanced UX

Every little pixel matters, especially if it can help improve how you interact with your investments. Price alerts overhaul coming first!


Store & view your precious NFT collections with our upcoming integration with OpenSea.

A crypto wallet that makes sense

Store, exchange and track StrikeX, and all your other favourite Cryptocurrencies, effortlessly — all in one app.


Frequently asked questions

Currently, we support the Bitcoin, Binance Smart Chain, Ethereum & Solana blockchain networks.

You can store any token on the supported networks; however, data will only be provided for tokens listed on

Yes, meaning no personal data is required or stored by the wallet.

No, by design, the StrikeX wallet is ‘keyless,’ meaning your private keys are not stored in full in any location.


What they're saying

The StrikeX Wallet is everything I’ve ever wanted from a web wallet. @strikexofficial is leading the charge for better crypto UX.
3:54 PM · Jul 13, 2021
The StrikeX Wallet is everything I’ve ever wanted from a web wallet. @strikexofficial is leading the charge for better crypto UX.
3:54 PM · Jul 13, 2021